Digital Kits and Storytelling

The purpose of this workshop is to put yourself in the shoes of your students and actually create a digital story.   Digital storytelling is simply putting a modern twist on storytelling. It is the blending of the age-old art of storytelling and the power of new technology that is easy to learn and use. Using available technologies and software, students can create and tell stories using text, audio, and images creating a deeper understanding for themselves as the author.

We will explore collecting digital materials (photos, images, sounds, music, and video) from a variety of sources to create a Digital Kit that correlates with content standards and compliments your curriculum. These kits can be gathered by either teachers or students to differentiate instruction in many ways and provide a project based learning environment. Learn how these kits can be used with familiar software such as PowerPoint, or new resources like Photo Story or Movie Maker.

What is a digital kit?
  • Kitzu - find a kit that is interesting and download.  Try to find one that has a variety of multimedia elements.
Using a kit