The goal of New SLATE is to bring teachers to a higher level of technology integration.  This will be done through a combination of face-to-face, online, and classroom modeling experiences. 

Website Evaluation

Review educational websites and share favorites among colleagues.


Digital Kits and Storytelling

Explore using simple, visual, writing prompts and easy ideas on seamlessly weaving writing with technology tools.


Student Writing and Publishing

The power of publishing enables students to think like writers, to apply their learning strategies and to organize and express their learning. Learn to use web resources and software already at your fingertips to publish student creations!


Effective Internet Searching

Skillful searches are essential for 21st century learning and information literacy. This workshop is designed to introduce a set of tools that will help students and teachers alike work more efficiently.


Audio and Video Projects






Get a sample of the multiple applications Google has available which make it simple to collaborate, communicate, and explore with your students and peers.


Creating Rubrics


Misc Files

Random files used in workshops